Ugg Boots and Sheepskin Seat Covers Sydney Australia

Aussie Sheepskin Ugg Boots

Australian Sheepskin Ugg Boots Sydney

We manufacture and supply quality handmade Australian sheepskin ugg bootswith different styles, colours and sizes. From large outdoor ugg boots to baby ugg boots, we've got a huge range.

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers Sydney

Our fully tailored sheepskin seat covers are made from premium quality hand selected Australian sheepskins crafted to perfectly fit your individual seats creating an outstanding and luxurious look.

Buy Ugg Boots Online

Buy Ugg Boots

We now sell our range of quality Australian sheepskin ugg boots online, feel free to browse and buy online - our shipping is only a $10 flat rate within Australia.

Buy ugg boots online

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Over 30 years experience in the manufacture of Quality Australian sheepskin products

Our Australian sheepskin ugg boots and car seat covers are made with the finest quality first grade Australian merino sheepskin. Harry from Golden Fleece Sheepskin has over 30 years experience in handmade manufacture of Ugg Boots and Sheepskin Car Seat Covers and is proud to manufacture such a high quality product.
If you're wanting to try before you buy, come and visit our factory direct ugg boot and sheepskin factory or you can purchase all of our quality ugg boots and sheepskin products online with only $10 shipping throughout Australia.

Why choose Golden Fleece sheepskin ugg boots and car seat covers?

Why choose Golden Fleece Sheepskin over any other Sheepskin manufacturer in Sydney? Golden Fleece Sheepskin has been around for a long time, we're masters of the sheepskin trade. We design and manufacture our own sheepskin boots and only use first grade Australian sheepskin in our products.

We are committed to providing Australians with a high quality sheepskin product. We don't buy our sheepskins from overseas and don't settle for second best sheepskin quality. We have been here for a long time and the reason why we have been is because we value our customers and provide them with high quality sheepskin ugg boots and car seat covers that are made to last.

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