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Sheepskin Seat Covers Sydney

We are specialists in design and installation of Australian sheepskin car seat covers in Sydney. High quality sheepskin products designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

Sheepskin Car Seat Cover Specialist Sydney

Drive in comfort and style for years to come with our fully tailored sheepskin car seat covers, made from the highest quality premium Australian sheepskin. Crafted to perfectly fit your individual seats, these seat covers will create a luxurious look for your car’s interior impressing both your family and friends.

These sheepskin seat covers are specially selected for their ability to bounce back to their original luxurious look and their natural ability to be cool and dry in summer and comfortably warm in winter. You can choose from a variety of colours to match your car’s interior and create your perfect ride.

To see the various styles and colours of our sheepskin car seat covers, come and visit our factory direct.

Pre-made Sheepskin Seat Covers Sydney

From $265 a pair and a 3-year warranty, pre-made sheepskin seat covers are fully fitted into your car for free.

These are made of premium quality Australian sheepskins and simulated woolly backing. Quick tie system for easy fitting. Fully-Lined giving maximum protection to the original seats. All our seat covers are compatible with seats with side airbags.

Custom Sheepkin Car Seat Covers Sydney

We can also custom make sheepskin car seat covers to fit your car perfectly. For a quote, come in and visit us or e-mail us for a quick response.

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